Council New Build Housing, London Borough of Croydon

Providing strategic management as Head of Capital Delivery Hub for the London Borough of Croydon, using lessons learnt for phase 3

Windrush Park, The Cotswolds, £5,000,000

Providing Director level pre and post-contract Project Management services for Country & Metropolitan Homes Plc for 5 & 4 bed luxury houses and infrastructure works

Warden Housing Association, Repairs and Maintenance

Providing Director level secondment, responsible for repairs and maintenance for 25 surveyors nationwide.

Borhamwood A1 Housing, £3,000,000

Providing Director level pre-contract Project Management services to Ridgehill Housing. Social Housing consisting of new build houses and the refurbishment of blocks of flats.

* Note: experience is of Achondrite Group and the founder

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Sumner Gardens, Croydon
Right image - projects, housing - Croydon
New Addington, Croydon
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Costswold Housing
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High density housing;

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